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G1Racing WorkshopFounded in the year 2007, G1 Racing has become one of the largest car performance distributors in Malaysia until now. A year later, we had successfully established our very first retail outlet and pro- service center in Penang. With the strong enthusiasm of our fellow staffs and partners, our company has continued to improve over the next few years. After that, we had managed to open a new outlet in Puchong in the year 2010.In the year 2013 , we managed to establish our very own concept store, which mainly sells products of BC Racing in Bandar Sunway. Not only that, we also offer services such as installation and maintenance in our store. Please feel free to visit any of our outlets as we'll try our best to clarify your doubts and satisfy your needs.


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G1 Racing feels that online shopping will become a new trend in the future, therefore we plan to emphasize on the establishment of e-stores in the years to come, where customers are able to purchase goods conveniently and at a reasonable price. Furthermore, we also plan to provide a large variety of goods ,where our customers can choose from. Other than that, we would also want to ensure that all of our products are of high quality and that our goods will reach our customers' hands on time as we believe that punctuality is an important factor to earn our customers' trust and to attract their attention.


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