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Sesuai dari semua gear steering dan transmision automatik yang dipenuhi dengan ATF 11 dan ATF 111 minyak. Menjana semula dan melindungi plastik dan getah anjing laut. bersih dan meningkatkan prestasi ATF 11/111 minyak dalam transmisi automatik. 250ml mencukupi sehingga 8 l minyak

Part-no: 5135/250ml


Part-No: 8336/250ml



berhenti kehilangan minyak

  • kesan pencegahan
  • menjana semula seal
  • dilindungi daripada haus
  • meningkatkan operasi beralih
  • mengoptimumkan ciri stereng dan mengurangkan tahap bunyi bising.




Suitable for all steering gears and automatic transmissions that are filled with ATF 11 and ATF 111 oils. Regenerates and protects plastic and rubber seals. Cleans and improves the performance of ATF 11/111 oils in automatic transmission. 250ml sufficient for up to 8 l of oil.


Part-No: 5135/250ml







  • Preventative effect
  • Regenerates seals
  • Protect from wear
  • Improves the shifting operation
  • Optimizes the steering characteristics and reduces noise levels.


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