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Liqui Moly Engine Decarbonize Jetclean Tronic Diesel Petrol

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Liqui Moly Jetclean Tronic for Engine Carbon Cleaner Petrol and Diesel. Northern Region’s first Liqui Moly Jetclean Tronic machine arrived G1Racing !!
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Liqui Moly Jetclean Tronic for Engine Petrol and Diesel.

Northern Region’s first Liqui Moly Jetclean Tronic machine arrived G1Racing !!


What is Jetclean Tronic ?

Jetclean Tronic , the fully automatic cleaning unit , enables you to clean all mixture formation and injection systems easily and professionally. Even in the latest generation of gasoline petrol and diesel angines.

All dirt deposits on high-pressure and distributor pumps , pipe and rail systems as well as carbon deposits and the like on nozzles , valves and combustion chambers are dissolved gently but effectively.

Jetclean Tronic releases intake systems (throttle valves, EGR valves) from troublesome incrustation. Even the tank can be emptied to enable dirt or water in the fuel to be filtered out.

How the Jetclean Tronic works ?

Jetclean Tronic avoids expensive repairs , time-consuming removal / installation work and the ruslting customer frustration , because you all need to do is establish a connection with the engine’s fuel circuit and select the right cleaning program. The computer-controlled unit then executes a preselected cleaning cycle automatically. There isn’t even any need for a power supply – Jetclean Tronic is simply clamped to the vehicle’s own battery.

The unit uses the powerful cleaning additives from Liqui Moly’s

When you need Jetclean Tronic ?

  • Higher fuel consumtions
  • Engine power lost
  • Engine got unusual’s vibrations when idling
  • Misfires
  • Poor Emissions Values.

How the Jetclean Tronic to help you ?

  • It can cleans carbon deposits from Injectors, Inlet Valves, Piston Crown, Combustion chamber
  • Restore Engine's performance and response , and better fuel comsumptions
  • No disassembly engine parts needed unlike the traditional carbon cleaning job , this may possible to damage the parts and engine timing ran out !

It can support most Injection Petrol Gasoline and Diesel Engines : Toyota , Honda , Nissan , Mitsubishi , Proton , Perodua , Mazda , Volkswagen , BMW , Mercedes , Audi , Peugeot , Volvo , Porsche, 4x4 Vehicles , Superbikes , Lorry , Van , Bus etc




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